TransmissionScripts /

Diff from to

-#!/usr/bin/env python
-Created on Feb 5, 2011
+#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
-@author: gmoreau
 import transmissionrpc
 import logging
-from datetime import datetime
+import argparse
+import datetime
-TRANS_HOST = ''  # The host transmission is running on
-TRANS_PORT = '9091' # The port the host is listening on
-TRANS_USER =  ''    # The user id you have set
-TRANS_PW = ''   # the password you have set
     return '%02d:%02d:%02d:%02d' % (self.days, hours, minutes, seconds) 
 def Main():
-    tc = transmissionrpc.Client(TRANS_HOST, TRANS_PORT, TRANS_USER, TRANS_PW)
+    options = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Removes all torrents on a given host that are either older then the given days or have a larger then given ratio')
+    options.add_argument('-p', '--port', default='9091', help='port to connect on. default=9091')
+    options.add_argument('-u', '--user', default='', help='The user to connect as. Defaults to empty')
+    options.add_argument('-w', '--password', default='', help='The password to connect with.  Default is empty')
+    options.add_argument('host', default='localhost', help='the host to connect to. default=localhost')
+    theargs = options.parse_args()
+    tc = transmissionrpc.Client(, theargs.port, theargs.user, theargs.password)
     tl =
     print 'ID'.ljust(ID_WIDTH) + \
         tl[t].status.ljust(STATUS_WIDTH) + \
         str(round(tl[t].progress,2)).ljust(PROG_WIDTH) + \
         str(round(tl[t].ratio,2)).ljust(RATIO_WIDTH) + \
-        FormatTD( - tl[t].date_added).ljust(AGE_WIDTH)
+        FormatTD( - tl[t].date_added).ljust(AGE_WIDTH)
 if __name__ == '__main__':
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