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   Installation of Woopsi is simple.
-  1.  Download and install DevKitPro from
+  1.  Download and install devKitARM from
   2.  Open the folder "libwoopsi" in a command prompt and type "make".
   3.  Copy the folder "libwoopsi" from this directory to the root of the
       devkitPro folder.  In Windows, assuming all of the defaults were chosen at
-      install time, this will be "C:\devkitPro"
+      install time, this will be "C:\devkitPro".  In UNIX-like operating systems
+      such as Linux and OSX, this will be "/opt/devkitpro".
   All done!
   Alternatively, if you are using Windows, double-click the "Install.bat" file
   in this directory.  When prompted, enter the location of your devkitPro folder
-  (by default, this is C:\devkitPro).  The installer script will automatically
+  (by default, this is "C:\devkitPro").  The installer script will automatically
   clean, compile and install Woopsi.