This is Minerva, a web server for Inferno.

	Minerva aims to provide a very good balance of features, performance,
and simplicity. You won't find every feature available in some of the more
well-known web servers, but you'll find vastly more than the resource usage
might at first imply.

	Documentation is currently very sparse. The interface for external handlers
is particularly document-free. Most of the man pages are only stubs. Sorry;
working on it. In the mean time, I've tried to provide usful examples of any
non-obvious bits.

	The "features list" is currently a bit odd. It has many moderate to
advanced features (name-based virtual hosts, process queues, a good
interface for external handlers), but has some anachronistic points (like only
supporting HTTP 1.0). Along with documentation, addressing some of this
anachronism is the current focus of work for Minerva proper.

	This package has recently been converted from being designed to
install in an Inferno installation's root directory to the (experimental) /opt
format being considered for Inferno packages. Conversion of the package
structure and data references is complete, but there may be outdated path
names in prints (like usage messages).

	Minerva depends on Strand 1's utilities package, s1utils, available at:
Note that Minerva is designed to use the logging facility in that package,
which is currently broken. Until it's fixed, create a regular file at /mnt/dup/log
for logging output.

	For questions, concerns, or feedback relating to this package, please