This is (or rather, will be) a collection of utility libraries, applications,
documentation, and so on, used by multiple Strand 1 projects (still mostly
internally at this point). Currently it consists only of a subset of our logging

	This package is intended to be installed in Inferno at /opt/s1utils. If you
would like to install it elsewhere (such as directly in /), you'll need to alter at
least the location of the module implementations in module/*.m and the
DISBIN declaration in most of the mkfiles.

	Once the package is in place, you should run the commands in
lib/ns.s1utils to construct your namespace in the way the tools expect. You
may wish to include this in your startup if you find the tools useful.

	Documentation is in the works. The log facility is fairly simple, though,
so you should be able to srot that out.

	For questions, concerns, or feedback relating to this package, please

	All content copyright Strand 1 Technologies, LLC, 2010, and licensed
under a 2-clause BSD-style license; see lib/license.