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 Metadata-Version: 1.0
 Name: cx_bsdiff
 Version: 1.1
-Summary: Python interface for bsdiff
 Author: Anthony Tuininga
-License: See LICENSE.txt
-Description: Python interface for bsdiff
-Platform: UNKNOWN
+Author-email: anthony at computronix com
+Maintainer: Anthony Tuininga
+Maintainer-email: anthony at computronix com
+Summary: extension module for bsdiff
+License: BSD Protection License
+Description: permits binary diffing and patching like the bsdiff utility available from
+Keywords: binary diff patch
+Platform: platform independent
+Classifier: Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable
+Classifier: Intended Audience :: Developers
+Classifier: License :: Free To Use But Restricted
+Classifier: Natural Language :: English
+Classifier: Operating System :: OS Independent
+Classifier: Programming Language :: C
+Classifier: Programming Language :: Python
+Classifier: Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries :: Python Modules
+Classifier: Topic :: Utilities
+\author{Anthony Tuininga}
+        \strong{Computronix}\\
+        Email: \email{}
+\date{\today}                   % date of release
+\release{1.1}                   % software release
+\setreleaseinfo{}		% empty for final release
+\setshortversion{1.1}           % major.minor only for software
+\chapter*{Front Matter\label{front}}
+Copyright \copyright{} 2003-2005 Computronix.
+All rights reserved.
+See the end of this document for complete license and permissions
+bsdiff is a very simple Python extension module that allows Python to perform
+the same tasks as the bsdiff utility available from
+\chapter{Module Interface\label{module}}
+\begin{funcdesc}{Diff}{\var{origData}, \var{newData}}
+  Perform a binary diff between the two pieces of data and return a tuple
+  consisting of the control tuples, diff block and extra block required to
+  reconstitute the new data.
+\begin{funcdesc}{Patch}{\var{origData}, \var{newDataLength},
+      \var{controlTuples}, \var{diffBlock}, \var{extraBlock}}
+  Return the new data given the original data, the length of the new data and
+  the output from the Diff method.
+python /u01/cvs/python/dist/src/Doc/tools/mkhowto \
+	--html --dir ../html bsdiff.tex 
+rm -rf ../html/WARNINGS
+rm -f ../html/index.dat
+rm -rf ../html/*.pl
+\centerline{\strong{LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR CX\_BSDIFF \version}}
+Copyright \copyright{} 2003-2005, Computronix (Canada) Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
+All rights reserved.
+See the accompanying file LICENSE.txt for details on the license.
+Computronix (R) is a registered trademark of Computronix (Canada) Ltd.
 from distutils import sysconfig
 # setup extra compilation and linking args
-extraLinkArgs = ["-s"]
+extraLinkArgs = []
 if sys.platform == "win32":
     import win32api
 # perform the setup
         name = "cx_bsdiff",
-        version = "1.1",
+        version = "HEAD",
         data_files = dataFiles,
         description = "Python interface for bsdiff",
         license = "See LICENSE.txt",
         long_description = "Python interface for bsdiff",
         author = "Anthony Tuininga",
         author_email = "",
-        url = "",
+        url = "",
         ext_modules = [extension])
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