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+Release notes
+4.x releases
+Version 4.2.3
+1) Added support for Python 3.2.
+2) Added hook for datetime module which implicitly imports the time module.
+3) Fixed hook for tkinter in Python 3.x.
+4) Always include the zlib module since the zipimport module requires it,
+   even when compression is not taking place.
+5) Added sample for a tkinter application.
+Version 4.2.2
+1) Added support for namespace packages which are loaded implicitly upon
+   startup by injection into sys.modules.
+2) Added support for a Zope sample which makes use of namespace packages.
+3) Use the Microsoft compiler on Windows for Python 2.6 and up as some
+   strange behaviors were identified with Python 2.7 when compiled using
+   mingw32.
+4) Eliminate warning about -mwindows when using the Microsoft compiler for
+   building the Win32GUI base executable.
+5) Added support for creating version resources on Windows.
+6) Ensure that modules that are not truly required for bootstrapping are not
+   included in the frozen modules compiled in to the executable; otherwise,
+   some packages and modules (such as the logging package) cannot be found at
+   runtime. This problem only seems to be present in Python 2.7.1 but it is a
+   good improvement for earlier releases of Python as well.
+7) Added support for setting the description for Windows services.
+8) Added hook for using the widget plugins which are part of the PyQt4.uic
+   package.
+9) Added additional hooks to remove spurious errors about missing modules
+   and to force inclusion of implicitly imported modules (twitter module
+   and additional submodules of the PyQt4 package).
+10) Fixed support for installing frozen executables under Python 3.x on
+    Windows.
+11) Removed optional import of setuptools which is not a complete drop-in
+    replacement for distutils and if found, replaces distutils with itself,
+    resulting in some distutils features not being available; for those who
+    require or prefer the use of setuptools, import it in your
+Version 4.2.1
+1) Added support for specifying bin_path_includes and bin_path_excludes in
+   setup scripts.
+2) Added support for compiling Windows services with the Microsoft compiler
+   and building for 64-bit Windows.
+3) When installing Windows services, use the full path for both the executable
+   and the configuration file if specified.
+4) Eliminate duplicate files for each possible version of Python when building
+   MSI packages for Python 2.7.
+5) Fix declaration of namespace packages.
+6) Fix check for cx_Logging import library directory.
+7) Added hooks for the python-Xlib package.
+8) Added hooks to ignore the _scproxy module when not on the Mac platform and
+   the win32gui and pyHook modules on platforms other than Windows.
+9) When copying files, copy the stat() information as well as was done in
+   earlier versions of cx_Freeze.
+10) Added documentation for the shortcutName and shortcutDir parameters for
+    creating an executable.
+Version 4.2
+1) Added support for Python 2.7.
+2) Improved support for Python 3.x.
+3) Improved support for Mac OS X based on feedback from some Mac users.
+4) Improved hooks for the following modules: postgresql, matplotlib, twisted,
+   zope, PyQt4.
+5) Improved packaging of MSI files by enabling support for creating shortcuts
+   for the executables, for specifying the initial target directory and for
+   adding other arbitrary configuration to the MSI.
+6) Added support for namespace packages such as those distributed for zope.
+7) The name of the generated MSI packages now includes the architecture in
+   order to differentiate between 32-bit and 64-bit builds.
+8) Removed use of LINKFORSHARED on the Mac which is not necessary and for
+   Python 2.6 at least causes an error to be raised.
+9) Turn off filename globbing on Windows as requested by Craig McQueen.
+10) Fixed bug that prevented hooks from successfully including files in the
+    build (as is done for the matplotlib sample).
+11) Fixed bug that prevented submodules from being included in the build if the
+    format of the import statement was from . import <name>.
+12) Reverted bug fix for threading shutdown support which has been fixed
+    differently and is no longer required in Python 2.6.5 and up (in fact an
+    error is raised if the threading module is used in a frozen executable and
+    this code is retained).
+13) Fixed bug which resulted in attempts to compile .pyc and .pyo files from
+    the initscripts directory.
+14) Fixed selection of "Program Files" directory on Windows in 64-bit MSI
+    packages built by cx_Freeze.
+Version 4.1.2
+1) Fix bug that caused the util extension to be named improperly.
+2) Fix bug that prevented freezing from taking place if a packaged submodule
+   was missing.
+3) Fix bug that prevented freezing from taking place in Python 3.x if the
+   encoding of the source file wasn't compatible with the encoding of the
+   terminal performing the freeze.
+4) Fix bug that caused the base modules to be included in the as
+   well as the base executables.
+Version 4.1.1
+1) Added support for Python 3.1.
+2) Added support for 64-bit Windows.
+3) Ensured that setlocale() is called prior to manipulating file names so
+   that names that are not encoded in ASCII can still be used.
+4) Fixed bug that caused the Python shared library to be ignored and the
+   static library to be required or a symbolic link to the shared library
+   created manually.
+5) Added support for renaming attributes upon import and other less
+   frequently used idioms in order to avoid as much as possible spurious
+   errors about modules not being found.
+6) Force inclusion of the traceback module in order to ensure that errors are
+   reported in a reasonable fashion.
+7) Improved support for the execution of ldd on the Solaris platform as
+   suggested by Eric Brunel.
+8) Added sample for the PyQt4 package and improved hooks for that package.
+9) Enhanced hooks further in order to perform hidden imports and avoid errors
+   about missing modules for several additional commonly used packages and
+   modules.
+10) Readded support for the zip include option.
+11) Avoid the error about digest mismatch when installing RPMs by modifying
+    the spec files built with cx_Freeze.
+12) Ensure that manifest.txt is included in the source distribution.
+Version 4.1
+1) Added support for Python 3.x.
+2) Added support for services on Windows.
+3) Added command line option --silent (-s) as requested by Todd Templeton.
+   This option turns off all normal output including the report of the modules
+   that are included.
+4) Added command line option --icon as requested by Tom Brown.
+5) Ensure that Py_Finalize() is called even when exceptions take place so that
+   any finalization (such as __del__ calls) are made prior to the executable
+   terminating.
+6) Ensured that empty directories are created as needed in the target as
+   requested by Clemens Hermann.
+7) The encodings package and any other modules required to bootstrap the
+   Python runtime are now automatically included in the frozen executable.
+8) Ensured that if a target name is specified, that the module name in the zip
+   file is also changed. Thanks to Clemens Hermann for the initial patch.
+9) Enabled support for compiling on 64-bit Windows.
+10) If an import error occurs during the load phase, treat that as a bad module
+    as well. Thanks to Tony Meyer for pointing this out.
+11) As suggested by Todd Templeton, ensured that the include files list is
+    copied, not simply referenced so that further uses of the list do not
+    inadvertently cause side effects.
+12) As suggested by Todd Templeton, zip files are now closed properly in order
+    to avoid potential corruption.
+13) As suggested by Todd Templeton, data files are no longer copied when the
+    copy dependent files flag is cleared.
+14) Enabled better support of scripts that call other
+    scripts such as the ones used by cx_OracleTools and cx_OracleDBATools.
+15) On Solaris, ldd outputs tabs instead of spaces so expand them first before
+    looking for the separator. Thanks to Eric Brunel for reporting this and
+    providing the solution.
+16) On Windows, exclude the Windows directory and the side-by-side installation
+    directory when determining DLLs to copy since these are generally
+    considered part of the system.
+17) On Windows, use %* rather than the separated arguments in the generated
+    batch file in order to avoid problems with the very limited argument
+    processor used by the command processor.
+18) For the Win32GUI base executable, add support for specifying the caption to
+    use when displaying error messages.
+19) For the Win32GUI base executable, add support for calling the excepthook
+    for top level exceptions if one has been specified.
+20) On Windows, ensure that the MSI packages that are built are per-machine
+    by default as otherwise strange things can happen.
+21) Fixed bug in the calling of readlink() that would occasionally result in
+    strange behavior or segmentation faults.
+22) Duplicate warnings about libraries not found by ldd are now suppressed.
+23) Tweaked hooks for a number of modules based on feedback from others or
+    personal experience.
+Version 4.0.1
+1) Added support for Python 2.6. On Windows a manifest file is now required
+   because of the switch to using the new Microsoft C runtime.
+2) Ensure that hooks are run for builtin modules.
+Version 4.0
+1) Added support for copying files to the target directory.
+2) Added support for a hook that runs when a module is missing.
+3) Added support for binary path includes as well as excludes; use sequences
+   rather than dictionaries as a more convenient API; exclude the standard
+   locations for 32-bit and 64-bit libaries in multi-architecture systems.
+4) Added support for searching zip files (egg files) for modules.
+5) Added support for handling system exit exceptions similarly to what Python
+   does itself as requested by Sylvain.
+6) Added code to wait for threads to shut down like the normal Python
+   interpreter does. Thanks to Mariano Disanzo for discovering this
+   discrepancy.
+7) Hooks added or modified based on feedback from many people.
+8) Don't include the version name in the display name of the MSI.
+9) Use the OS dependent path normalization routines rather than simply use the
+   lowercase value as on Unix case is important; thanks to Artie Eoff for
+   pointing this out.
+10) Include a version attribute in the cx_Freeze package and display it in the
+    output for the --version option to the script.
+11) Include build instructions as requested by Norbert Sebok.
+12) Add support for copying files when modules are included which require data
+    files to operate properly; add support for copying the necessary files for
+    the Tkinter and matplotlib modules.
+13) Handle deferred imports recursively as needed; ensure that from lists do
+    not automatically indicate that they are part of the module or the deferred
+    import processing doesn't actually work!
+14) Handle the situation where a module imports everything from a package and
+    the __all__ variable has been defined but the package has not actually
+    imported everything in the __all__ variable during initialization.
+15) Modified license text to more closely match the Python Software Foundation
+    license as was intended.
+16) Added sample script for freezing an application using matplotlib.
+17) Renamed freeze to cxfreeze to avoid conflict with another package that uses
+    that executable as requested by Siegfried Gevatter.
+Version 4.0b1
+1) Added support for placing modules in or in a separate zip file
+   for each executable that is produced.
+2) Added support for copying binary dependent files (DLLs and shared
+   libraries)
+3) Added support for including all submodules in a package
+4) Added support for including icons in Windows executables
+5) Added support for constants module which can be used for determining
+   certain build constants at runtime
+6) Added support for relative imports available in Python 2.5 and up
+7) Added support for building Windows installers (Python 2.5 and up) and
+   RPM packages
+8) Added support for distutils configuration scripts
+9) Added support for hooks which can force inclusion or exclusion of modules
+   when certain modules are included
+10) Added documentation and samples
+11) Added for building the cx_Freeze package instead of a script
+    used to build only the frozen bases
+12) FreezePython renamed to a script called freeze in the Python distribution
+13) On Linux and other platforms that support it set LD_RUN_PATH to include
+    the directory in which the executable is located
+Older versions
+Version 3.0.3
+1) In Common.c, used MAXPATHLEN defined in the Python OS independent include
+   file rather than the PATH_MAX define which is OS dependent and is not
+   available on IRIX as noted by Andrew Jones.
+2) In the initscript, added lines from initscript
+ that should have been there since the only difference between
+   that script and this one is the automatic re-execution of the executable.
+3) Added an explicit "import encodings" to the initscripts in order to handle
+   Unicode encodings a little better. Thanks to Ralf Schmitt for pointing out
+   the problem and its solution.
+4) Generated a meaningful name for the extension loader script so that it is
+   clear which particular extension module is being loaded when an exception
+   is being raised.
+5) In, use distutils to figure out a few more
+   platform-dependent linker flags as suggested by Ralf Schmitt.
+Version 3.0.2
+1) Add support for compressing the byte code in the zip files that are
+   produced.
+2) Add better support for the win32com package as requested by Barry Scott.
+3) Prevent deletion of target file if it happens to be identical to the
+   source file.
+4) Include additional flags for local modifications to a Python build as
+   suggested by Benjamin Rutt.
+5) Expanded instructions for building cx_Freeze from source based on a
+   suggestion from Gregg Lind.
+6) Fix typo in help string.
+Version 3.0.1
+1) Added option --default-path which is used to specify the path used when
+   finding modules. This is particularly useful when performing cross
+   compilations (such as for building a frozen executable for Windows CE).
+2) Added option --shared-lib-name which can be used to specify the name of
+   the shared library (DLL) implementing the Python runtime that is required
+   for the frozen executable to work. This option is also particularly useful
+   when cross compiling since the normal method for determining this
+   information cannot be used.
+3) Added option --zip-include which allows for additional files to be added
+   to the zip file that contains the modules that implement the Python
+   script. Thanks to Barray Warsaw for providing the initial patch.
+4) Added support for handling read-only files properly. Thanks to Peter
+   Grayson for pointing out the problem and providing a solution.
+5) Added support for a frozen executable to be a symbolic link. Thanks to
+   Robert Kiendl for providing the initial patch.
+6) Enhanced the support for running a frozen executable that uses an existing
+   Python installation to locate modules it requires. This is primarily of
+   use for embedding Python where the interface is C but the ability to run
+   from source is still desired.
+7) Modified the documentation to indicate that building from source on
+   Windows currently requires the mingw compiler (
+8) Workaround the problem in Python 2.3 (fixed in Python 2.4) which causes a
+   broken module to be left in sys.modules if an ImportError takes place
+   during the execution of the code in that module. Thanks to Roger Binns
+   for pointing this out.
+Version 3.0
+1) Ensure that ldd is only run on extension modules.
+2) Allow for using a compiler other than gcc for building the frozen base
+   executables by setting the environment variable CC.
+3) Ensure that the import lock is not held while executing the main script;
+   otherwise, attempts to import a module within a thread will hang that
+   thread as noted by Roger Binns.
+4) Added support for replacing the paths in all frozen modules with something
+   else (so that for example the path of the machine on which the freezing
+   was done is not displayed in tracebacks)
+Version 3.0 beta3
+1) Explicitly include the warnings module so that at runtime warnings are
+   suppressed as when running Python normally.
+2) Improve the extension loader so that an ImportError is raised when the
+   dynamic module is not located; otherwise an error about missing attributes
+   is raised instead.
+3) Extension loaders are only created when copying dependencies since the
+   normal module should be loadable in the situation where a Python
+   installation is available.
+4) Added support for Python 2.4.
+5) Fixed the dependency checking for wxPython to be a little more
+   intelligent.
+Version 3.0 beta2
+1) Fix issues with locating the initscripts and bases relative to the
+   directory in which the executable was started.
+2) Added new base executable ConsoleKeepPath which is used when an existing
+   Python installation is required (such as for FreezePython itself).
+3) Forced the existence of a Python installation to be ignored when using the
+   standard Console base executable.
+4) Remove the existing file when copying dependent files; otherwise, an error
+   is raised when attempting to overwrite read-only files.
+5) Added option -O (or -OO) to FreezePython to set the optimization used when
+   generating bytecode.
+Version 3.0 beta1
+1) cx_Freeze now requires Python 2.3 or higher since it takes advantage of
+   the ability of Python 2.3 and higher to import modules from zip files.
+   This makes the freezing process considerably simpler and also allows for
+   the execution of multiple frozen packages (such as found in COM servers or
+   shared libraries) without requiring modification to the Python modules.
+2) All external dependencies have been removed. cx_Freeze now only requires
+   a standard Python distribution to do its work.
+3) Added the ability to define the initialization scripts that cx_Freeze uses
+   on startup of the frozen program. Previously, these scripts were written
+   in C and could not easily be changed; now they are written in Python and
+   can be found in the initscripts directory (and chosen with the
+   new --init-script option to FreezePython).
+4) The base executable ConsoleSetLibPath has been removed and replaced with
+   the initscript ConsoleSetLibPath.
+5) Removed base executables for Win32 services and Win32 COM servers. This
+   functionality will be restored in the future but it is not currently in a
+   state that is ready for release. If this functionality is required, please
+   use py2exe or contact me for my work in progress.
+6) The attribute sys.frozen is now set so that more recent pywin32 modules
+   work as expected when frozen.
+7) Added option --include-path to FreezePython to allow overriding of
+   sys.path without modifying the environment variable PYTHONPATH.
+8) Added option --target-dir/--install-dir to specify the directory in which
+   the frozen executable and its dependencies will be placed.
+9) Removed the option --shared-lib since it was used for building shared
+   libraries and can be managed with the initscript
+10) now checks the platform specific include directory as
+    requested by Michael Partridge.
+Version 2.2
+1) Add option (--ext-list-file) to FreezePython to write the list of
+   extensions copied to the installation directory to a file. This option is
+   useful in cases where multiple builds are performed into the same
+   installation directory.
+2) Pass the arguments on the command line through to Win32 GUI applications.
+   Thanks to Michael Porter for pointing this out.
+3) Link directly against the python DLL when building the frozen bases on
+   Windows, thus eliminating the need for building an import library.
+4) Force sys.path to include the directory in which the script to be frozen
+   is found.
+5) Make sure that the installation directory exists before attempting to
+   copy the target binary into it.
+6) The Win32GUI base has been modified to display fatal errors in message
+   boxes, rather than printing errors to stderr, since on Windows the
+   standard file IO handles are all closed.
+Version 2.1
+1) Remove dependency on Python 2.2. Thanks to Paul Moore for not only
+   pointing it out but providing patches.
+2) Set up the list of frozen modules in advance, rather than doing it after
+   Python is initialized so that implicit imports done by Python can be
+   satisfied. The bug in Python 2.3 that demonstrated this issue has been
+   fixed in the first release candidate. Thanks to Thomas Heller for pointing
+   out the obvious in this instance!
+3) Added additional base executable (ConsoleSetLibPath) to support setting
+   the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable on Unix platforms and restarting the
+   executable to put the new setting into effect. This is primarily of use
+   in distributing wxPython applications on Unix where the shared library
+   has an embedded RPATH value which can cause problems.
+4) Small improvements of documentation based on feedback from several people.
+5) Print information about the files written or copied during the freezing
+   process.
+6) Do not copy extensions when freezing if the path is being overridden since
+   it is expected that a full Python installation is available to the target
+   users of the frozen binary.
+7) Provide meaningful error message when the wxPython library cannot be
+   found during the freezing process.
+Version 2.0
+1) Added support for in process (DLL) COM servers using PythonCOM.
+2) Ensured that the frozen flag is set prior to determining the full path for
+   the program in order to avoid warnings about Python not being found on
+   some platforms.
+3) Added include file and resource file to the source tree to avoid the
+   dependency on the Wine message compiler for Win32 builds.
+4) Dropped the option --copy-extensions; this now happens automatically since
+   the resulting binary is useless without them.
+5) Added a sample for building a Win32 service.
+6) Make use of improved modules from Python 2.3 (which function under 2.2)
+Version 1.1
+1) Fixed import error with C extensions in packages; thanks to Thomas Heller
+   for pointing out the solution to this problem.
+2) Added options to FreezePython to allow for the inclusion of modules which
+   will not be found by the module finder (--include-modules) and the
+   exclusion of modules which will be found by the module finder but should
+   not be included (--exclude-modules).
+3) Fixed typo in README.txt.