Anthony Tuininga committed 48db49d

The PyQt4._qt module is not used in newer versions of PyQt so ignore it if it
cannot be found.

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        foolish way of doing things but perhaps there is some hidden advantage
        to this technique over pure Python; ignore the absence of some of
        the modules since not every installation includes all of them."""
-    finder.IncludeModule("PyQt4._qt")
-    for name in ("PyQt4.QtSvg", "PyQt4.Qsci", "PyQt4.QtAssistant",
+    for name in ("PyQt4._qt", "PyQt4.QtSvg", "PyQt4.Qsci", "PyQt4.QtAssistant",
             "PyQt4.QtNetwork", "PyQt4.QtOpenGL", "PyQt4.QtScript",
             "PyQt4.QtSql", "PyQt4.QtSvg", "PyQt4.QtTest", "PyQt4.QtXml"):
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