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Anthony Tuininga  committed b82b6a3

Added hooks for enabling the freezing of zope, which is a single package
distributed as multiple packages.

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+def load_zope(finder, module):
+    """the zope package is distributed in multiple packages and they need to be
+       stitched back together again."""
+    import pkgutil
+    module.path = pkgutil.extend_path(module.path, module.name)
+def load_zope_component(finder, module):
+    """the zope.component package requires the presence of the pkg_resources
+       module but it uses a dynamic, not static import to do its work."""
+    finder.IncludeModule("pkg_resources")
 def missing_cElementTree(finder, caller):
     """the cElementTree has been incorporated into the standard library in
        Python 2.5 so ignore its absence if it cannot found."""