Anthony Tuininga  committed d49a96f

Automatically ignore the absence of the cElementTree or the xml.etree
package since it is common to use a try..except.. block to transparently
handle all versions.

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File cx_Freeze/

+def missing_cElementTree(finder, caller):
+    """the cElementTree has been incorporated into the standard library in
+       Python 2.5 so ignore its absence if it cannot found."""
+    if sys.version_info[:2] >= (2, 5):
+        caller.IgnoreName("cElementTree")
 def missing_EasyDialogs(finder, caller):
     """the EasyDialogs module is not normally present on Windows but it also
        may be so instead of excluding it completely, ignore it if it can't be
     if sys.platform == "win32":
+def missing_xml_etree(finder, caller):
+    """the xml.etree package is new for Python 2.5 but it is common practice
+       to use a try..except.. block in order to support versions earlier than
+       Python 2.5 transparently; ignore the absence of the package in this
+       situation."""
+    if sys.version_info[:2] < (2, 5):
+        caller.IgnoreName("xml.etree")