Strange timestamps for created executable

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Sergio Pulgarin
created an issue

When I pack my application using cx-freeze on Windows, I get very old (year old) time stamps for the resulting binary.

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  1. Thomas Kluyver

    What version of cx_Freeze are you using, and how are you freezing (with a script, or by running cxfreeze at a command line)?

    My guess would be that the executables have a timestamp from when cx_Freeze was built, and it isn't updated when you freeze your program. Can you find what's necessary to update the timestamp?

  2. Thomas Kluyver

    I think if there's a straightforward way to update the timestamp, it could be integrated into cx_Freeze. There's a function to embed an icon resource, for example, in source/util.c. But I don't use Windows much, and Anthony is very busy, so it's probably up to you - or anyone else who's interested - to write the code.

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