Support for Win32 service dependencies

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Parameters for win32 service are missing ability to set dependency on other services. In this call (source/bases/Win32Service.c:407):

serviceHandle = CreateService(managerHandle, PyString_AS_STRING(fullName),
            PyString_AS_STRING(displayName), SERVICE_ALL_ACCESS,
            PyString_AS_STRING(command), NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL);

third parameter from the end allows to pass service dependencies as LPCTSTR. So, if one adds one more entry in udt_ServiceInfo struct and read it in Setup_Python it would be possible to add service dependencies while installing service.

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  1. boris_kuchin reporter

    Nope. We've eventually solved it manually via registry entry in our installer. I've found the issue (and possibly a solution) while searching cx_freeze code for some option

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