Missed cxfreeze-postinstall script in source distribution

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Can't create wheel package for cxfreeze from sources.

c:\Python32\Scripts\pip.exe wheel --wheel-dir dist\wheelhouse cx_freeze

error: file '~\build\cx-freeze\cxfreeze-postinstall' does not exist.

Probably need to add this script into file: MANIFEST

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  1. Anthony Tuininga repo owner

    This is because that script is not needed on Linux and that is where I built the source distribution! I will see if this script is needed and if so, make sure it is included in the next release.

  2. LászlóN

    All users who have MSVC and want to install cx_Freeze with pip will fail to install it. Can you please fix this? Thanks!

  3. xoviat

    Alright folks! In the interest of convenience, I have created the cx_Freeze-win package. It is exactly the same as the cx_Freeze package, except it will install on windows.

  4. Anthony Tuininga repo owner

    I just checked and when I run python setup.py sdist the file cxfreeze-postinstall is included. So the next release will have this.


    When I first tried to install cx_Freeze using pip instruction, it said I needed MS Visual C++ 14. I downloaded the latest Visual C++ and then tried pip install cx_Freeze... and still see this error.

    Here's a screenshot of the error: https://ibb.co/iLRSnT

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