1. Anthony Tuininga
  2. cx_Freeze


cx_Freeze / initscripts / SharedLibSource.py

# SharedLibSource.py
#   Initialization script for cx_Freeze which imports the site module (as per
# normal processing of a Python script) and then searches for a file with the
# same name as the shared library but with the extension .pth. The entries in
# this file are used to modify the path to use for subsequent imports.

import os
import sys
import warnings

# the site module must be imported for normal behavior to take place; it is
# done dynamically so that cx_Freeze will not add all modules referenced by
# the site module to the frozen executable

# now locate the pth file to modify the path appropriately
baseName, ext = os.path.splitext(FILE_NAME)
pathFileName = baseName + ".pth"
sys.path = [s.strip() for s in file(pathFileName).read().splitlines()] + \