cx_Freeze / initscripts /

#   Initialization script for cx_Freeze which manipulates the path so that the
# directory in which the executable is found is searched for extensions but
# no other directory is searched. It also sets the attribute sys.frozen so that
# the Win32 extensions behave as expected.

import os
import sys
import zipimport

sys.frozen = True
sys.path = sys.path[:4]

os.environ["TCL_LIBRARY"] = os.path.join(DIR_NAME, "tcl")
os.environ["TK_LIBRARY"] = os.path.join(DIR_NAME, "tk")

m = __import__("__main__")
importer = zipimport.zipimporter(INITSCRIPT_ZIP_FILE_NAME)
    moduleName = m.__name__
    name, ext = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(os.path.normcase(FILE_NAME)))
    moduleName = "%s__main__" % name
code = importer.get_code(moduleName)
exec code in m.__dict__

versionInfo = sys.version_info[:3]
if versionInfo >= (2, 5, 0) and versionInfo <= (2, 6, 4):
    module = sys.modules.get("threading")
    if module is not None:
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