Anthony Tuininga committed 4c14326

Remove unnecessary dependency on win32api; starting in Python 2.4 the import
library is shipped with Python itself; for use by Python 2.3 the import library
can be created by those who require it.

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     if importLibraryDir is not None:
         importLibraryName = os.path.join(importLibraryDir, "libcx_Logging.a")
         extraLinkArgs.append("-Wl,--out-implib=%s" % importLibraryName)
-    if sys.version_info[:2] < (2, 4):
-        import win32api
-        extraLinkArgs.append(win32api.GetModuleFileName(sys.dllhandle))
 defineMacros = [
         ("CX_LOGGING_CORE",  None),
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