Uninstall troubles cx-Oracle

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Jochen Halwachs
created an issue

What is the right way to uninstall ?

Step 1: edit and remove "./cx_Oracle......" => /opt/rh/python33/root/usr/lib64/python3.3/site-packages/easy-install.pth Step 2: rm -rf /opt/rh/python33/root/usr/lib64/python3.3/site-packages/cx_Oracle-5.2-py3.3-linux-x86_64.egg

---- SNIP - dereg. not working ---- scl enable python33 bash easy_install-3.3 -mxN cx-Oracle

Searching for cx-Oracle Best match: cx-Oracle 5.2 Processing cx_Oracle-5.2-py3.3-linux-x86_64.egg

Using /opt/rh/python33/root/usr/lib64/python3.3/site-packages/cx_Oracle-5.2-py3.3-linux-x86_64.egg

Because this distribution was installed --multi-version, before you can import modules from this package in an application, you will need to 'import pkg_resources' and then use a 'require()' call similar to one of these examples, in order to select the desired version:

pkg_resources.require("cx-Oracle")  # latest installed version
pkg_resources.require("cx-Oracle==5.2")  # this exact version
pkg_resources.require("cx-Oracle>=5.2")  # this version or higher

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