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Support for query result set change notification

  1. Glen Walker avatarGlen Walker

Hi Anthony,

As mentioned in my email to the mailing list last week here is a patch to add support for query result set change notification.

I have also updated the code to use a preprocessor macro ORACLE_VERSION_HEX (similar in nature to PY_VERSION_HEX) in place of seperate ORACLE_10G, ORACLE_10GR2 and ORACLE_11G macros. This is for two reasons:

  • This works automatically for Oracle versions from 10.2 up where OCI_MAJOR_VERSION and OCI_MINOR_VERSION were first defined, and should work for newer Oracle releases with no changes.

  • I find the inequality #if ORACLE_VERSION_HEX >= ORACLE_VERSION(10, 2) easier to understand than #ifdef ORACLE_10GR2 which actually implies >= ORACLE_10GR2.

Any comments or queries let me know.

Kind regards, Glen

Comments (1)

  1. Anthony Tuininga repo owner

    Thanks, Glen. From my quick review of the changes they all look good. I appreciate you taking the time to change the documentation, too. I'll put out a new release with these changes after I get a chance to do some of my own testing.

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