Anthony Tuininga  committed 993d088

Switch to using Mercurial as the revision control system; use CX_ORACLE_HOMES
for defining which Oracle homes to use simply to be consistent with the other

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     def _set_oracle_homes(self):
-        envName = "ORACLE_HOMES"
+        envName = "CX_ORACLE_HOMES"
         oracleHomes = self.oracle_homes
         if oracleHomes is None:
             oracleHomes = os.environ.get(envName)
     def finalize_options(self):
-        self.set_source_location("cx_Logging", "trunk")
-        self.set_source_location("cx_Oracle", "trunk")
-        self.set_source_location("cx_PyGenLib", "trunk")
+        self.set_source_location("cx_Logging")
+        self.set_source_location("cx_Oracle")
+        self.set_source_location("cx_PyGenLib")
         if self.cx_oracle is None:
             message = "cannot locate a cx_Oracle software installation"
             raise distutils.errors.DistutilsSetupError(message)