Anthony Tuininga committed 80e9210

Added options for building Windows installers and fixed options for building
executables with the changes made to cx_Freeze recently.

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-options = dict(
-        compressed = True,
-        create_shared_zip = False,
-        append_script_to_exe = True)
+buildOptions = dict(
+        compressed = True)
+msiOptions = dict(
+        upgrade_code = "{A77F0AB1-3E2A-4242-B6DD-700CF582345C}")
         name = "cx_OracleTools",
         author_email = "",
         url = "",
         executables = executables,
-        options = dict(freeze = options))
+        options = dict(build_exe = buildOptions, bdist_msi = msiOptions))
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