1. Anthony Tuininga
  2. cx_OracleTools




This project contains a number of Python scripts that handle Oracle databases. Each of these scripts is self documented by the --help or -h option. Additional documentation will be forthcoming at a later date. A brief description of each script is provided here.

CopyData - copy data from one table or view to another DbDebugger - allows simple debugging of PL/SQL DescribeObject - describe objects as SQL statements for recreation DescribeSchema - describe multiple objects as SQL statements for recreation DumpCSV - dump the results of a select statement as comma separated values DumpData - dump the results of a select statement as insert statements ExportColumn - dump the data from a column into a file ExportData - dump the data from a database into a portable dump file ExportObjects - describe object as SQL statements for recreation in files ExportXML - export data from a table into a simple XML file GeneratePatch - generate SQL script to go from one set of objects to another GenerateView - generate a view statement for a table ImportColumn - import the contents of a file into a column in the database ImportData - import the data dumped with ExportData ImportXML - import data from an XML file (such as those created by ExportXML) PatchDB - execute statements in files, checking for errors RebuildTable - generate SQL script to rebuild the table RecompileSource - recompile all invalid objects in the database

This project depends on the following projects if used in source mode. If you are using the binary version these dependencies can be safely ignored.

cx_PyGenLib - http://cx-pygenlib.sourceforge.net cx_PyOracleLib - http://cx-pyoraclelib.sourceforge.net cx_Oracle - http://cx-oracle.sourceforge.net

The binary versions of these tools were built with cx_Freeze.

cx_Freeze - http://cx-freeze.sourceforge.net

This project is released under a free software license. See LICENSE.txt for more details.