Anthony Tuininga committed 1d21433

Use version 3 of the pubsub module so that it can be frozen more easily.

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File ceGUI/

 import wx
 import sys
-from wx.lib.pubsub import Publisher
+import wx.lib.pubsub.setupkwargs
+from wx.lib.pubsub import pub
 __all__ = [ "AppExit", "AppTopWindow", "BusyCursorContext", "EventHandler",
             "EVT_THREAD_TERMINATED", "FrozenContext", "GetApp",
     message = "Required field has no value."
-def SendMessage(topic, data = None):
-    Publisher().sendMessage(topic, data)
+def SendMessage(topic, **args):
+    pub.sendMessage(topic, **args)
 def Subscribe(listener, topic):
-    Publisher().subscribe(listener, topic)
+    pub.subscribe(listener, topic)
 def UnsubscribeAll(topics = None):
-    Publisher().unsubAll(topics)
+    pub.unsubAll(topics)
 class TransactionContext(BusyCursorContext):