PyAtlantis v1.0.1

(C) 2007 Anthony Briggs, based on the original C version by Russel Wallace:

/*    Atlantis v1.0  13 September 1993
    Copyright 1993 by Russell Wallace

    This program may be freely used, modified and distributed.  It may not be
    sold or used commercially without prior written permission from the author.

Geoff Dunbar later released the Atlantis source code under the GPL - see the
license/announcement at This
program is also released under the GPL, see the license that accompanies this

This is pretty much a direct translation of Atlantis v1.0 - not much effort has
been made to 'pythonify' the code except where absolutely necessary (eg. input,
removing globals (in places) and file handling). Getting the game working first
takes top priority.

Bugs fixed so far in the original code:
  - you can now have more RINGs than men and still be invisible
  - you can't create a continent on top of another continent

No installation is really necessary - PyAtlantis follows the Atlantis
interface, which means that it expects all of the game files to be in the
directory that it's run from, and writes out other files in the same directory.

To start a new game:
  python new

To run a turn:
  python run

To print the game map:
  python map

To syntax check a turn (not yet implemented):
  python check <> <orders.out>

To go to interactive mode (mostly only useful for development):
  python interactive