CodeIgniter Reactor / system / language / english / profiler_lang.php


$lang['profiler_database']		= 'DATABASE';
$lang['profiler_controller_info'] = 'CLASS/METHOD';
$lang['profiler_benchmarks']	= 'BENCHMARKS';
$lang['profiler_queries']		= 'QUERIES';
$lang['profiler_get_data']		= 'GET DATA';
$lang['profiler_post_data']		= 'POST DATA';
$lang['profiler_uri_string']	= 'URI STRING';
$lang['profiler_memory_usage']	= 'MEMORY USAGE';
$lang['profiler_config']		= 'CONFIG VARIABLES';
$lang['profiler_session_data']	= 'SESSION DATA';
$lang['profiler_headers']		= 'HTTP HEADERS';
$lang['profiler_no_db']			= 'Database driver is not currently loaded';
$lang['profiler_no_queries']	= 'No queries were run';
$lang['profiler_no_post']		= 'No POST data exists';
$lang['profiler_no_get']		= 'No GET data exists';
$lang['profiler_no_uri']		= 'No URI data exists';
$lang['profiler_no_memory']		= 'Memory Usage Unavailable';
$lang['profiler_no_profiles']	= 'No Profile data - all Profiler sections have been disabled.';
$lang['profiler_section_hide']	= 'Hide';
$lang['profiler_section_show']	= 'Show';

/* End of file profiler_lang.php */
/* Location: ./system/language/english/profiler_lang.php */
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