This is a really simple CRC (class-responsibility-collaborator) simulation using HTML5 canvas. Mostly, this 
is just a way for me to familiarize myself with canvas and other HTML5 happenings, and to re-acquaint myself
with my dear old friend, javascript.

Current features:
- add new CRC cards
- add responsibilities
- add collaborators
- 'simple' and 'detailed' views (mouse click on card or 'alt' key)
- re-arrange currently selected card with mouse keys

* broke the transition effect when adding detailed view [FIXED]
- no bounds checking on canvas borders
- possibly unclear selection method when clicking on cards that overlap 

Planned features:
- handle text wrapping (line break or elide)
* make the currently selected card visually distinct [DONE]
- automatic scaling to fit when many elements are added
- lines or other association showing collaboration relationships
- light heuristics on design quality (too many collaborators/responsibilites in one class?)
- more intuitive UI to add elements
- make the page not so offendingly hideous
- removing CRC cards, responsibilities, collaborators