This repo contains some extensions I find useful for Mercurial.

== checkfiles ==

hg checkfiles [options]

checks changed files in the working directory for tabs or trailing whitespace

    - --verbose shows the location of offending characters in each line
    - --quiet hides filenames and only reports summary information
    - --debug shows settings and details about each file considered for checking

    If problems are found, the command returns 1, otherwise 0.


 -f --fixup    fix files by replacing tabs and removing trailing whitespace
 -t --tabsize  set the tab length (default: 8 or checkfiles.tab_size)

use "hg -v help checkfiles" to show global options

== rebaseif ==

hg rebaseif

rebases if there are no file conflicts and merges otherwise.

    See each command's documentation for details.


use "hg -v help rebaseif" to show global options