``bfiles`` is a Mercurial extension for handling large binary files.
You can enable it like any other Mercurial extension: add

  bfiles = /path/to/

to the ``[extensions]`` section of your ``.hgrc`` or ``.hg/hgrc`` file.

See usage.txt for information on using the extension.

bfiles was written by Greg Ward (greg at gerg dot ca) with
design/interface help from Peter Neelin.

bfiles requires Mercurial 1.3 or later.


Please use the main Mercurial user mailing list for bfiles questions:

If you want to contribute patches, great!  Please use the patchbomb
extension to prepare and send patches.  Send them to the list with the flag "bfiles", e.g.

  hg email -t --flag bfiles -r tip

Just follow all the guidelines for submitting Mercurial patches:

Latest version

You can get the latest version by cloning my canonical public

There's also a backup on

Bug reports

I'm using's issue tracker:

Please search the tracker before reporting new bugs!


If you want to hack on bfiles, design.txt contains obsolete but
easy-to-read design information.  The source code is the final word,

To run the tests, you need a Mercurial source directory for the testing
infrastructure.  The easiest way to do this is to clone hg-crew as a
sibling of hg-bfiles::

  hg clone ../hg-crew

Then you can run the bfiles tests::

  cd tests

Everything you know about running Mercurial's tests applies here.  For
example, you can test bfiles with different Mercurial versions easily::

  hg -R ../hg-crew update 1.3.1
  cd tests