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 \address{Via Perniciaro 70}{16010 Mele(GE) -- Italy}
 \photo[64pt]{antocuni} % '64pt' is the height the picture must be resized to
 % \quote{
 % Considerate la vostra semenza: \\
 % }
-  Last updated: April 04, 2012
+  Last updated: June 15, 2012
 %\nopagenumbers{} % uncomment to suppress automatic page numbering for CVs longer than one page
 \section{Personal Information}
 \cvitem{Name}{Antonio Cuni}
 \cvitem{Date of Birth}{May 13, 1982}
 \cvitem{Place of Birth}{Genova, Italy}
 \cvitem{Introduction}{I have been designing and implementing software systems
  since 1994, first as a hobby, then as a study subject and as a job.  I care
 \cvitem{PyPy and FLOSS}{I have been a core contributor to various aspects of
   PyPy since 2006, including the development of the CLI/.NET and JVM backends,
   the CLI JIT backend, the PyPy JIT compiler generator, the PyPy Python
-  interpreter and the testing infrastructure.  Recently, I leaded the
+  interpreter and the testing infrastructure.  Currently, I am the project
+  leader of the Py3k subproject, whose goal is to develop a PyPy interpreter
+  compatible with Python3. In the recent past, I leaded the
   migration of the PyPy repository from Subversion to Mercurial.  Other than
   PyPy, I started and have contributed to several FLOSS projects, as detailed
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