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Are there plans to make pdb++ work with Python3?

I tried running everything through 2to3 and installing in a virtualenv and I get the below error when I try to run the debugger:

'File "/home/code/programming/python/envs/trytomakepdbppworkonpython3/lib/python3.2/", line 356, in write

TypeError: must be str, not bytes'


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  1. Artanis

    It looks like there's a py3k branch, so that's good to see.

    I discovered pdb++ only a few weeks before moving all my development to Python 3, so every time I use pdb I wish I had pdb++.

  2. Alexander Artemenko

    Hi guys! It seems, that py3k branch is incomplete and outdated. I'm interested in this port too, and want to make it working.

    Antonio, please, tell us about your plans on Python3 port, do you like to complete it? And if you do, then should it be still compatible with python2.x?

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