wmctrl / wmctrl.py

import os
from commands import getoutput
from namedtuple import namedtuple

BaseWindow = namedtuple('Window', 'id desktop pid x y w h wm_class host wm_name wm_window_role')

class Window(BaseWindow):

    def list(cls):
        out = getoutput('wmctrl -l -G -p -x')
        windows = []
        for line in out.splitlines():
            parts = line.split(None, len(Window._fields)-2)
            parts = map(str.strip, parts)
            parts[1:7] = map(int, parts[1:7])
        return windows

    def by_name(cls, name):
        return [win for win in cls.list() if win.wm_name == name]

    def by_name_endswith(cls, name):
        return [win for win in cls.list() if win.wm_name.endswith(name)]

    def by_name_startswith(cls, name):
        return [win for win in cls.list() if win.wm_name.startswith(name)]

    def by_role(cls, role):
        return [win for win in cls.list() if win.wm_window_role == role]

    def by_class(cls, wm_class):
        return [win for win in cls.list() if win.wm_class == wm_class]

    def by_id(cls, id):
        return [win for win in cls.list() if int(win.id, 16) == id]

    def get_active(cls):
        out = getoutput("xprop -root _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW")
        parts = out.split()
        id = int(parts[-1], 16)
        lst = cls.by_id(id)
        if not lst:
            return None
        assert len(lst) == 1
        return lst[0]

    def activate(self):
        os.system('wmctrl -id -a %s' % self.id)

    def resize_and_move(self, x, y, w, h):
        mvarg = '0,%d,%d,%d,%d' % (x, y, w, h)
        os.system('wmctrl -i -r %s -e %s' % (self.id, mvarg))

    def set_geometry(self, geometry):
        dim, pos = geometry.split('+', 1)
        w, h = map(int, dim.split('x'))
        x, y = map(int, pos.split('+'))
        self.resize_and_move(x, y, w, h)

def _wm_window_role(winid):
    out = getoutput('xprop -id %s WM_WINDOW_ROLE' % winid)
        _, value = out.split(' = ')
    except ValueError:
        # probably xprop returned an error
        return ''
        return value.strip('"')
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