This is a simple static site generator for http://devdriven.by/

The core of it is a compile.py script that takes json formatted files from the content directory and generates html files using Jinja templates.

A build script -- make.sh -- invokes the above and then merges the output of that with the contents of a static directory. The final output is contained in the public directory which should be suitable for serving by any web server capable of serving static files.


All files in this repository are Copyright Deepak Sarda except for the following files which are made available under the standard MIT license.

  • make.sh
  • compile.py
  • static/js/xdd.js

The intention is to encourage re-use and sharing of code without facilitating wholesale ripoffs of the website.


On remote, create a new file rebuild-site.sh in the repo's git hooks directory:

#!/bin/bash -e

export HOME=/home/antrix

source ${HOME}/.bashrc
source ${WORKON_HOME}/xdd/bin/activate

echo "updating TARGET_REPO: ${TARGET_REPO}"

cd ${TARGET_REPO} || exit 1

env -i git pull

Invoke this rebuild-site.sh script during post receive by including the following line in the post-receive hook file:

. /home/antrix/gitrepos/xdd.git/hooks/rebuild-site.sh

From local dev machine, push changes to remote:

git push antrix@antrix.net:gitrepos/xdd.git

Thanks to the post receive hook, a website rebuild will be automatically triggered.