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s userbb
Merged in eioeae/myquotefork (pull request #852)
added chewbacca quote
s userbb
Merged in fredrikjohnsson/myquotefork (pull request #851)
Fredrik Johnsson
Adding a quote by Homer Simpson
Merged in jarodmeng/myquotefork (pull request #850)
Jarod Meng
to add my quote
Merged in dbxbrennan/myquotefork (pull request #848)
Brennan McDonald
adding soviet russia joke
Merged in dcdruck/myquotefork (pull request #847)
David Druckenmiller
added quote from chris pratt
tutorials account
Merged in tfoster/myquotefork (pull request #846)
Tiffany Foster
My Quote
Merged in zzeniou86/myquotefork (pull request #845)
Zenon Zeniou
added my own quote
tutorials account
Merged in wdlinch3/myquotefork (pull request #844)
tutorials account
adding a quote from Monty Python
Merged in JonLoy/myquotefork (pull request #843)
Jonathan Loy
hope this worked
Merged in jreisch/myquotefork (pull request #842)
Jon Reisch
adding my quote and image from Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi
tutorials account
Merged in snagabhairava/myquotefork (pull request #841)
Sreedhar Nagabhairava
added a comment from M.K.Gandhi
tutorials account
Merged in agraczyk/myquotefork (pull request #839)
Albert Graczyk
added a quote
Viswanath Bandi
Resolved conflicts...
Viswanath Bandi
Test messages...
tutorials account
Merged in cmendoza/myquotefork (pull request #836)
Carlos Mendoza
adding a quote
tutorials account
Merged in kiwity/myquotefork (pull request #835)
Isidre Torras
Added quote from the 4th President de la Generalitat de Catalunya
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