cProfile integration for OpenERP

The module profiler provides a very basic integration of the standard cProfile into OpenERP/Odoo.

Basic usage

After installation, a player is add on the header bar, with four items:

Player to manage profiler

  • Start profiling Start profiling
  • Stop profiling Stop profiling
  • Download stats: download stats file Download cprofile stats file
  • Clear stats Clear and remove stats file


Executing Python code under the profiler is not really hard, but this module allows to do it in OpenERP context such that:

  • no direct modification of main server Python code or addons is needed (although it could be pretty simple depending on the need)
  • subtleties about threads are taken care of. In particular, the accumulation of stats over several requests is correct.
  • Quick access UI to avoid statistics pollution
  • Use the standard cProfile format, see Python documentation and performance wiki page for exploitation tips. Also do not miss RunSnakeRun GUI tool to help you to interpret it easly.


  • enabling the profile in one database actually does it for the whole instance
  • multiprocessing (--workers) is not taken into account
  • currently developped and tested with OpenERP 7.0 only. Version 8.0 maintain by OCA
  • no special care for uninstallion : currently a restart is needed to finish uninstalling.
  • requests not going through web controllers are currently not taken into account


Remotely inspired from ZopeProfiler, although there is no online visualisation and there may never be one.