Random Loot Piles Spawning

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Issue #10 resolved
Anzu created an issue

Piles of random, sometimes very high value loot are spawning across the map. Also certain places arent spawning loot. For example outside the Sidorovich Cave Trader there are piles of loot where the wrecked Mi8 used to be.

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  1. Anzu reporter

    Fixed by regenerating new mapgrouppos.xml file. Closing unless we discover otherwise, checked 2 places already and seems fixed.

  2. Anzu reporter
    • changed status to open

    Was still happening after using newly generated mapgroupos.xml. Removed some more Wreck_Mi8 objects and then regenerated another mapgrouppos.xml using the init.c line. Will see if it's fixed this time...

  3. Anzu reporter

    This seems to be fixed after recently updating DayZ Expansion. It may come back if the mapgrouppos.xml is regenerated, which may be required for adding loot back to the Oil Rig.

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