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I purchased a merlin from sky high. Flew around for a bit and returned to heli trader. I got out of the heli trying to unlock inventory space and started glitching under heli, relogged to fix glitch and merlin was not there. still have my key of course. looked around trader and merlin was not there.

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  1. Anzu

    Sometimes they will come back after restart. If not, contact an admin on Discord and they will come help you get another one.

    Helis are VERY buggy and they are not really stable, they were never meant to be in-game so it’s kind of expected that they will be glitchy and disappear, blow up, etc. The best we can do is replace them when this happens, and try to encourage players to park them on flat ground and only on helipads. The Helipads are designed to safely store the heli on flat ground. We are looking for better heli mods and fixes for these issues, as soon as we have something reliable we will add it.

  2. Anzu

    Can't fix the helis. All we can do is replace them when they disappear. Contact admins on Discord if this happens.

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