Ben Bangert avatar Ben Bangert committed 3da2e2b

Fix cache namespacing.

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     if kls:
         return '%s.%s' % (kls.__module__, kls.__name__)
-        return func.__module__
+        return '%s.%s' % (func.__module__, func.__name__)


 defaults = {'cache.data_dir':'./cache', 'cache.type':'dbm', 'cache.expire': 2}
+def fred(x):
+    return time.time()
+def george(x):
+    return time.time()
 def make_cache_obj(**kwargs):
     opts = defaults.copy()
     result2 = func('Fred')
     assert result != result2
+def test_different_default_names():
+    result = fred(1)
+    result2 = george(1)
+    assert result != result2
 def test_check_invalidate_region():
     func = make_region_cached_func()
     result = func('Fred')
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