ianjosephwilson committed 42b47d3

Remove references to xml_compare and monkey patch.

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 import os
 import sys
-from formencode import doctest_xml_compare
 from formencode import compound
 from formencode import htmlfill
 from formencode import htmlgen
     import util.doctest24 as doctest
-#TODO Put this in setup/teardown.
-# Or better yet, find a way to do this with the newer doctest API.
-# Patches doctest.OutputChecker with our own OutputChecker.
 def doctest_file(document, verbose, raise_error):
     (failure_count, test_count) = doctest.testfile(document,
             module_relative=False, optionflags=doctest.ELLIPSIS,
 if __name__ == '__main__':
-    # Call this file directly if you want to test doctests with the xml_compare
-    # monkey patch.
+    # Call this file directly if you want to test doctests.
     args = sys.argv[1:]
     verbose = False
     if '-v' in args: