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jsonrpc2 is WSGI Framework for JSON RPC 2.0.

JSON RPC 2.0 Spec can be seen on .


install via pip:

$ pip install jsonrpc2

write your procedures in

def greeting(name):
    return dict(message="Hello, %s!" % name)

run jsonrpc2 server:

$ runjsonrpc2 hello

Integration with Paste Script

create project with paste script template:

$ paster create -t paster_jsonrpc2 myrpc
$ cd myrpc

run server

$ paster serve run.ini

access http://localhost:8080/


>>> import json
>>> from jsonrpc2 import JsonRpcApplication

sample procedure:

>>> def greeting(name="world"):
...     return "Hello, %s!" % name

create rpc application:

>>> app = JsonRpcApplication(rpcs=dict(greeting=greeting))

set up for test:

>>> from webtest import TestApp
>>> testapp = TestApp(app)

call procedure:

>>> call_values = {'jsonrpc':'2.0', 'method':'greeting', 'id':'greeting'}
>>> res ='/', params=json.dumps(call_values), content_type="application/json")

got results:

>>> res.json
{u'jsonrpc': u'2.0', u'id': u'greeting', u'result': u'Hello, world!'}

lazy loading:

>>> app.rpc.methods['sample.add'] = 'tests.sample:add'
>>> call_values = {'jsonrpc':'2.0', 'method':'sample.add', 'id':'sample.add', 'params':[1, 2]}
>>> res ='/', params=json.dumps(call_values), content_type="application/json")
>>> res.json
{u'jsonrpc': u'2.0', u'id': u'sample.add', u'result': 3}

extra vars

>>> from jsonrpc2 import JsonRpc
>>> rpc = JsonRpc()
>>> rpc['add'] = lambda a, b: a + b
>>> rpc({'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'method': 'add', 'id': 'rpc-1', 'params': {'a': 2}}, b=3)
{'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'id': 'rpc-1', 'result': 5}

handle errors

>>> from jsonrpc2 import JsonRpc
>>> class MyException(Exception):
...     pass
>>> def my_rpc():
...     raise MyException()
>>> rpc = JsonRpc({'call': my_rpc}, {MyException: -32001})
>>> rpc({'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'method': 'call', 'id': 'rpc-1', 'params': []})
{'jsonrpc': '2.0', 'id': 'rpc-1', 'error': {'message': '', 'code': -32001, 'data': '[]'}}
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