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Added docs for the timezone_functions() context processor

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 ``media_url`` という名前で :attr:`settings.MEDIA_URL` の値を追加します。
+.. function:: timezone_functions()
+テンプレートコンテキストにいくつかの便利な時間帯関係の関数を追加します。(:func:`get_timezone <kay.utils.get_timezone>`, :func:`to_local_timezone <kay.utils.to_local_timezone>`, :func:`to_utc <kay.utils.to_utc>`)

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 Adds the current :attr:`settings.MEDIA_URL` value to the template context with the name media_url.
+.. function:: timezone_functions()
+Adds a number of useful timezone related functions to the template context (:func:`get_timezone <kay.utils.get_timezone>`, :func:`to_local_timezone <kay.utils.to_local_timezone>`, :func:`to_utc <kay.utils.to_utc>`)
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