mako-inheritance / CHANGES

Full commit
- Speed improvements (as though we needed them, but people
  contributed and there you go):

  - added "bytestring passthru" mode, via
    `disable_unicode=True` argument passed to Template or
    TemplateLookup. All unicode-awareness and filtering is
    turned off, and template modules are generated with
    the appropriate magic encoding comment. In this mode,
    template expressions can only receive raw bytestrings
    or Unicode objects which represent straight ASCII, and
    render_unicode() may not be used if multibyte
    characters are present. When enabled, speed
    improvement around 10-20%. [ticket:77] (courtesy
    anonymous guest)

  - inlined the "write" function of Context into a local
    template variable. This affords a 12-30% speedup in
    template render time. (idea courtesy same anonymous
    guest) [ticket:76]
- New Features, API changes: 
  - added "attr" accessor to namespaces. Returns
    attributes configured as module level attributes, i.e.
    within <%! %> sections.  [ticket:62] i.e.:
    # somefile.html
        foo = 27
    # some other template
    <%namespace name="myns" file="somefile.html"/>

    The slight backwards incompatibility here is, you
    can't have namespace defs named "attr" since the
    "attr" descriptor will occlude it.
  - cache_key argument can now render arguments passed
    directly to the %page or %def, i.e. <%def
    name="foo(x)" cached="True" cache_key="${x}"/>

  - some functions on Context are now private:
    _push_buffer(), _pop_buffer(),
    caller_stack._push_frame(), caller_stack._pop_frame().

  - added a runner script "mako-render" which renders 
    standard input as a template to stdout [ticket:81] 
- Bugfixes:
  - can now use most names from __builtins__ as variable
    names without explicit declaration (i.e. 'id', 
    'exception', 'range', etc.) [ticket:83] [ticket:84]
  - can also use builtin names as local variable names 
    (i.e. dict, locals) (came from fix for [ticket:84])
  - fixed bug in python generation when variable names are
    used with identifiers like "else", "finally", etc.
    inside them [ticket:68]

  - fixed codegen bug which occured when using <%page>
    level caching, combined with an expression-based
    cache_key, combined with the usage of <%namespace
    import="*"/> - fixed lexer exceptions not cleaning up
    temporary files, which could lead to a maximum number
    of file descriptors used in the process [ticket:69]

  - fixed issue with inline format_exceptions that was
    producing blank exception pages when an inheriting
    template is present [ticket:71]
  - format_exceptions will apply the encoding options of
    html_error_template() to the buffered output
  - rewrote the "whitespace adjuster" function to work
    with more elaborate combinations of quotes and
    comments [ticket:75]

- fixed propagation of 'caller' such that nested %def calls
  within a <%call> tag's argument list propigates 'caller'
  to the %call function itself (propigates to the inner
  calls too, this is a slight side effect which previously
  existed anyway)
- fixed bug where local.get_namespace() could put an 
  incorrect "self" in the current context
- fixed another namespace bug where the namespace functions
  did not have access to the correct context containing
  their 'self' and 'parent'
- filters.Decode filter can also accept a non-basestring
object and will call str() + unicode() on it [ticket:47]
- comments can be placed at the end of control lines,
i.e. if foo: # a comment, [ticket:53], thanks to 
Paul Colomiets
- fixed expressions and page tag arguments and with embedded
newlines in CRLF templates, follow up to [ticket:16], thanks
Eric Woroshow
- added an IOError catch for source file not found in RichTraceback
exception reporter [ticket:51]

- variable names declared in render methods by internal 
codegen prefixed by "__M_" to prevent name collisions
with user code
- added a Babel ( extractor entry
point, allowing extraction of gettext messages directly from
mako templates via Babel [ticket:45]
- fix to turbogears plugin to work with dot-separated names
(i.e. load_template('')).  also takes file extension
as a keyword argument (default is 'mak').
- more tg fix:  fixed [ticket:35], allowing string-based
templates with tgplugin even if non-compatible args were sent

- one small fix to the unit tests to support python 2.3
- a slight hack to how detects Beaker's memcached, 
works around unexplained import behavior observed on some 
python 2.3 installations

- caching is now supplied directly by Beaker, which has 
  all of MyghtyUtils merged into it now.  The latest Beaker
  (0.7.1) also fixes a bug related to how Mako was using the 
  cache API.
- fix to module_directory path generation when the path is "./"
- TGPlugin passes options to string-based templates [ticket:35]
- added an explicit stack frame step to template runtime, which
  allows much simpler and hopefully bug-free tracking of 'caller',
  fixes #28
- if plain Python defs are used with <%call>, a decorator
  @runtime.supports_callable exists to ensure that the "caller"
  stack is properly handled for the def.
- fix to RichTraceback and exception reporting to get template
  source code as a unicode object #37
- html_error_template includes options "full=True", "css=True"
  which control generation of HTML tags, CSS [ticket:39]
- added the 'encoding_errors' parameter to Template/TemplateLookup
  for specifying the error handler associated with encoding to
  'output_encoding' [ticket:40]
- the Template returned by html_error_template now defaults to
  encoding_errors='htmlentityreplace' [ticket:37]
- control lines, i.e. % lines, support backslashes to continue long
  lines (#32)
- fixed codegen bug when defining <%def> within <%call> within <%call>
- leading utf-8 BOM in template files is honored according to pep-0263
- AST expression generation - added in just about everything 
  expression-wise from the AST module  [ticket:26]
- AST parsing, properly detects imports of the form "import"
- fix to lexing of <%docs> tag nested in other tags
- fix to context-arguments inside of <%include> tag which broke 
during 0.1.4 [ticket:29]
- added "n" filter, disables *all* filters normally applied to an expression
via <%page> or default_filters (but not those within the filter)
- added buffer_filters argument, defines filters applied to the return value
of buffered/cached/filtered %defs, after all filters defined with the %def
itself have been applied.  allows the creation of default expression filters
that let the output of return-valued %defs "opt out" of that filtering
via passing special attributes or objects.
- got defs-within-defs to be cacheable
- fixes to code parsing/whitespace adjusting where plain python comments
  may contain quote characters [ticket:23]
- fix to variable scoping for identifiers only referenced within
- added a path normalization step to lookup so URIs like
  "/foo/bar/../etc/../foo" pre-process the ".." tokens before checking
  the filesystem
- fixed/improved "caller" semantics so that undefined caller is
  "UNDEFINED", propigates __nonzero__ method so it evaulates to False if
  not present, True otherwise. this way you can say % if caller:\n
  ${caller.body()}\n% endif
- <%include> has an "args" attribute that can pass arguments to the
  called template (keyword arguments only, must be declared in that
  page's <%page> tag.)
- <%include> plus arguments is also programmatically available via
  self.include_file(<filename>, **kwargs)
- further escaping added for multibyte expressions in %def, %call
  attributes [ticket:24]

- ***Small Syntax Change*** - the single line comment character is now
*two* hash signs, i.e. "## this is a comment".  This avoids a common
collection with CSS selectors. 
- the magic "coding" comment (i.e. # coding:utf-8) will still work with
either one "#" sign or two for now; two is preferred going forward, i.e.
## coding:<someencoding>. 
- new multiline comment form: "<%doc> a comment </%doc>"
- UNDEFINED evaluates to False
- improvement to scoping of "caller" variable when using <%call> tag
- added lexer error for unclosed control-line (%) line
- added "preprocessor" argument to Template, TemplateLookup - is a single
  callable or list of callables which will be applied to the template text
  before lexing.  given the text as an argument, returns the new text.
- added mako.ext.preprocessors package, contains one preprocessor so far:
  'convert_comments', which will convert single # comments to the new ##
- fix to parsing of code/expression blocks to insure that non-ascii
  characters, combined with a template that indicates a non-standard
  encoding, are expanded into backslash-escaped glyphs before being AST
  parsed [ticket:11]
- all template lexing converts the template to unicode first, to
  immediately catch any encoding issues and ensure internal unicode
- added module_filename argument to Template to allow specification of a
  specific module file
- added modulename_callable to TemplateLookup to allow a function to
  determine module filenames (takes filename, uri arguments). used for
- added optional input_encoding flag to Template, to allow sending a
  unicode() object with no magic encoding comment
- "expression_filter" argument in <%page> applies only to expressions
- added "default_filters" argument to Template, TemplateLookup. applies only
  to expressions, gets prepended to "expression_filter" arg from <%page>.
  defaults to ["unicode"], so that all expressions get stringified into u''
  by default (this is what Mako already does). By setting to [], expressions
  are passed through raw.
- added "imports" argument to Template, TemplateLookup. so you can predefine
  a list of import statements at the top of the template. can be used in
  conjunction with default_filters.
- support for CRLF templates...whoops ! welcome to all the windows users.
- small fix to local variable propigation for locals that are conditionally
- got "top level" def calls to work, i.e. template.get_def("somedef").render()

- buffet plugin supports string-based templates, allows ToscaWidgets to work
- AST parsing fixes: fixed TryExcept identifier parsing
- removed textmate tmbundle from contrib and into separate SVN location;
  windows users cant handle those files, setuptools not very good at
  "pruning" certain directories
- fix so that "cache_timeout" parameter is propigated
- fix to expression filters so that string conversion (actually unicode)
  properly occurs before filtering
- better error message when a lookup is attempted with a template that has no
- implemented "module" attribute for namespace
- fix to code generation to correctly track multiple defs with the same name
- "directories" can be passed to TemplateLookup as a scalar in which case it
  gets converted to a list [ticket:9]


Initial release.