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run ``request`` command

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 import urllib
 from paste.script.command import Command, BadCommand
 from paste.deploy import loadapp, loadserver
-from paste.wsgilib import raw_interactive
+from paste.script.wsgilib import raw_interactive
 class RequestCommand(Command):


+from paste.script.compat import StringIO
+from webob import Request
+def raw_interactive(application, path='', raise_on_wsgi_error=False,
+                    **environ):
+    assert "path_info" not in environ, "argument list changed"
+    errors = StringIO()
+    environ = {
+        "wsgi.errors": errors,
+    }
+    req = Request.blank(path, environ=environ)
+    res = req.get_response(application)
+    return res.status, res.headers, "".join(res.app_iter), errors.getvalue()
 requires = [
+    'WebOb',
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