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Model to dictionary mapping for Python.

>>> from bpmappers import Mapper, RawField
>>> class SpamMapper(Mapper):
...     spam = RawField('foo')
...     egg = RawField('bar')
>>> SpamMapper(dict(foo=123, bar='abc')).as_dict()
{'egg': 'abc', 'spam': 123}
>>> class FooModel(object):
...     def __init__(self, foo, bar):
... = foo
... = bar
>>> SpamMapper(FooModel(foo=123, bar='abc')).as_dict()
{'egg': 'abc', 'spam': 123}
>>> class HogeMapper(Mapper):
...     hoge = RawField('hoge.piyo.fuga')
>>> HogeMapper({'hoge': {'piyo': {'fuga': 123}}}).as_dict()
{'hoge': 123}

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Commits by shimizukawa were pushed to aodag/python-bpmappers

37d0e58 - remove [check] section (for no-distutils environment) and add check's options to aliases section.
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