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restore clipping value for YEAR DDL

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 class MSYear(sqltypes.TypeEngine):
     """MySQL YEAR type, for single byte storage of years 1901-2155"""
+    def __init__(self, length=None):
+        self.length = length
     def get_col_spec(self):
-        return "YEAR"
+        if self.length is None:
+            return "YEAR"
+        else:
+            return "YEAR(%s)" % self.length
 class MSText(_StringType, sqltypes.TEXT):
     """MySQL TEXT type, for text up to 2^16 characters""" 


                            Column('y1', mysql.MSYear),
                            Column('y2', mysql.MSYear),
                            Column('y3', mysql.MSYear),
-                           Column('y4', mysql.MSYear),
-                           Column('y5', mysql.MSYear))
+                           Column('y4', mysql.MSYear(2)),
+                           Column('y5', mysql.MSYear(4)))
             for table in year_table, reflected:
                 table.insert(['1950', '50', None, 50, 1950]).execute()
                 row = list(table.select().execute())[0]
-                self.assert_eq(list(row), [1950, 2050, None, 2050, 1950])
+                self.assert_eq(list(row), [1950, 2050, None, 50, 1950])
+                self.assert_(colspec(table.c.y1).startswith('y1 YEAR'))
+                self.assert_eq(colspec(table.c.y4), 'y4 YEAR(2)')
+                self.assert_eq(colspec(table.c.y5), 'y5 YEAR(4)')
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