Mike Bayer avatar Mike Bayer committed ded49b5

- Added ScopedSession.is_active accessor. [ticket:976]

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     - Fixed bug in composite types which prevented a primary-key
       composite type from being mutated [ticket:1213].
+    - Added ScopedSession.is_active accessor. [ticket:976]
 - sql
     - Connection.invalidate() checks for closed status 
       to avoid attribute errors. [ticket:1246]


     def do(self, *args, **kwargs):
         return getattr(self.registry(), name)(*args, **kwargs)
     return do
-for meth in ('add', 'add_all', 'get', 'load', 'close', 'save', 'commit', 'update', 'save_or_update', 'flush', 'query', 'delete', 'merge', 'clear', 'refresh', 'expire', 'expunge', 'rollback', 'begin', 'begin_nested', 'connection', 'execute', 'scalar', 'get_bind', 'is_modified', '__contains__', '__iter__'):
+for meth in ('add', 'add_all', 'get', 'load', 'close', 'save', 'commit', 'update', 'save_or_update', 'flush', 'query', 'delete', 'merge', 'clear', 'refresh', 'expire', 'expunge', 'rollback', 'begin', 'begin_nested', 'connection', 'execute', 'scalar', 'get_bind', 'is_modified', 'is_active', '__contains__', '__iter__'):
     setattr(ScopedSession, meth, instrument(meth))
 def makeprop(name):
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