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single space for MySQL appeasement

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 the previous Session.
 - fixes to mapper compilation, checking for more error conditions
 - small fix to eager loading combined with ordering/limit/offset
+- utterly remarkable:  added a single space between 'CREATE TABLE'
+and '(<the rest of it>' since *thats how MySQL indicates a non-
+reserved word tablename.....* [ticket:206]
 - overhaul to mapper compilation to be deferred.  this allows mappers

File lib/sqlalchemy/

         raise NotImplementedError()
     def visit_table(self, table):
-        self.append("\nCREATE TABLE " + table.fullname + "(")
+        # the single whitespace before the "(" is significant
+        # as its MySQL's method of indicating a table name and not a reserved word.
+        # feel free to localize this logic to the mysql module
+        self.append("\nCREATE TABLE " + table.fullname + " (")
         separator = "\n"