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 __all__ = ['collect_exception', 'ExceptionCollector']
     The actually interpretation of these values is largely up to the
     reporters and formatters.
     ``collect_exception(*sys.exc_info())`` will return an object with
     several attributes:
         can refer to the exception later. (@@: should it include a
         portion that allows identification of the specific instance
         of the exception as well?)
     The list of frames goes innermost first.  Each frame has these
     attributes; some values may be None if they could not be
         the value of any ``__traceback_hide__`` variable
         the value of any ``__traceback_log__`` variable
     ``__traceback_supplement__`` is thrown away, but a fixed
     set of attributes are captured; each of these attributes is
     hide frames that are part of the 'framework' or underlying system.
     There are a variety of rules about special values for this
     variables that formatters should be aware of.
     More attributes in __traceback_supplement__?  Maybe an attribute
             source_encoding.parse_encoding(lines) or 'ascii'
         return self._source_encoding
     source_encoding = property(_get_source_encoding)
 if hasattr(sys, 'tracebacklimit'):
     limit = min(limit, sys.tracebacklimit)
 def collect_exception(t, v, tb, limit=None):
     Collection an exception from ``sys.exc_info()``.
     Use like::