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  2. WebError



WebError Changelog

0.10.2 (2/12/2010)
* Fix bug when displaying UTF-8 type errors.
* Fix bug when emailing data with UTF-8.

0.10.1 (12/29/2008)
* Fix view source when __file__ is .pyo or $py.class.

0.10 (12/18/2008)
* Fix indentation of code lines in the traceback view.
* Enable syntax highlighting in view source.
* Fix a case where the response could become unicode; fix the docstring
  patching when using python -O

0.9.1 (10/28/2008)
* Python 2.6 compatibility
* Making main page links more accessible to browsers with no JS on per
  Pylons Trac ticket #489.

0.9 (07/08/2008)
* Switched to using Pygments for highlighting.
* Added better handling of exceptions that don't cleanly convert to str().
* Added dependency library listings for XML output.

0.8 (06/12/2008)
* Added fairly basic pdbcapture system.
* Fixed errors in unicode handling and exception displaying.
* Updated JS to use jQuery where applicable. Updated jQuery lib and added
  jQuery hotkeys plugin.
* Refactored to a flatter layout.

0.8a (02/27/2008)
* Fixed error in email due to restructuring of project.
* Added xml formattor output.
* Added try/except in case an objects repr throws an exception.