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 # other places throughout the built documents.
 # The short X.Y version.
-version = '1.0.1'
+version = '1.1'
 # The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
-release = '1.0.1'
+release = '1.1'
 # There are two options for replacing |today|: either, you set today to some
 # non-false value, then it is used:
     from setuptools import setup, find_packages
-version = '1.0.1'
+version = '1.1'


 Dependencies: ``Pylons``, ``Beaker``, ``jsmin``, and ``cssutils`` (all
 available in PyPI). If "jsmin" is not installed, the helper issues a warning
-and passes Javascript through unchanged.
+and passes Javascript through unchanged. (Changed in WebHelpers 1.1: removed
+built-in "_jsmin" package due to licensing issues; details in 
+webhelpers/pylonslib/_jsmin.py .)
 Contributed by Pedro Algarvio and Domen Kozar <ufs@ufsoft.org>.
 URL: http://docs.fubar.si/minwebhelpers/
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