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[svn] * Adding counter func to text helpers, patch from Jamie Wilkinson.

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 WebHelpers ChangeLog
 0.2.1 (**svn**)
+* Adding counter func to text helpers, patch from Jamie Wilkinson.
 * Sync'd Rails Text helper to 4994.
 * Sync'd Rails Asset tag helper to 4999.
 * Sync'd Rails Form tag helper to 5045, also doesn't apply to our version.


     del request_config().environ['railshelpers.cycles'][name]
+def counter(*args, **kwargs):
+    """Return the next cardinal in a sequence.
+    Every time ``counter`` is called, the value returned will be the next
+    counting number in that sequence.  This is reset to ``start`` on every
+    request, but can also be reset by calling ``reset_counter()``.
+    You can optionally specify the number you want to start at by passing
+    in the ``start`` argument (defaults to 1).
+    You can also optionally specify the step size you want by passing in
+    the ``step`` argument (defaults to 1).
+    Sequences will increase monotonically by ``step`` each time it is
+    called, until the heat death of the universe or python explodes.
+    This can be used to count rows in a table::
+        # In Myghty
+        % for item in items:
+        <tr>
+            <td><% h.counter() %></td>
+        </tr>
+        % #endfor
+    You can used named counters to prevent clashes in nested loops.
+    You'll have to reset the inner cycle manually though.  See the
+    documentation for ``webhelpers.text.cycle()`` for a similar
+    example.
+    """
+    # optional name of this list
+    name = kwargs.get('name', 'default')
+    # optional starting value for this sequence
+    start = kwargs.get('start', 1)
+    # optional step size of this sequence
+    step = kwargs.get('step', 1)
+    counters = request_config().environ.setdefault('railshelpers.counters', {})
+    # ripped off of itertools.count
+    def do_counter(start, step):
+        while True:
+            yield start
+            start += step
+    counter = counters.setdefault(name, do_counter(start, step))
+    return
+def reset_counter(name='default'):
+    """Resets a counter.
+    Resets the counter so that it starts from the ``start`` cardinal in
+    the sequence next time it is used.
+    """
+    del request_config().environ['railshelpers.counters'][name]
 def truncate(text, length=30, truncate_string='...'):
     Truncates ``text`` with replacement characters
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