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Mike Orr  committed 80ee9ba

Add deprecation warning for webhelpers.rails and webhelpers.rails.url_for

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   - ul() and ol() in webhelpers.html.tags.
   - series() in webhelpers.text.
 * Change default form method to "post" (rather than "POST") to conform to XHTML.
+* Add DeprecationWarning for webhelpers.rails package and
+  webhelpers.rails.url_for().
 0.6 (07/08/2008)
 * Add webhelpers.html.builder to generate HTML tags with smart escaping,

File webhelpers/rails/__init__.py Modified

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 """Helper functions ported from Rails"""
 import warnings
+The webhelpers.rails package is deprecated.
+- Please begin migrating to the new helpers in webhelpers.html,
+  webhelpers.text, webhelpers.number, etc.  
+- Import url_for() directly from routes, and redirect_to() from
+  pylons.controllers.util (if using Pylons) or from routes.
+- All Javascript support has been deprecated.  You can write link_to_remote()
+  yourself or use one of the third-party Javascript libraries.""",
+    DeprecationWarning)
 from routes import url_for, redirect_to
 from webhelpers.rails.asset_tag import *
 from webhelpers.rails.urls import *
     deprecated_method.__doc__ = "%s\n\n%s" % (message, func.__doc__)
     return deprecated_method
-redirect_to = deprecated(redirect_to, 'webhelpers.rails.redirect_to is '
-                         'deprecated, import redirect_to from routes instead')
+redirect_to = deprecated(redirect_to, """\
+webhelpers.rails.redirect_to is deprecated; import redirect_to from routes \
+url_for = deprecated(url_for, """\
+webhelpers.rails.url_for is deprecated; import url_for from \
+pylons.controllers.util (if using Pylons) or from routes""")