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[svn] added failing auto_link test in regard to #100

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                        'link3_raw': '',
                        'link4_raw': '',
                        'link5_raw': '',
+                       'link6_raw': ''
         result_values_templates = { 'email_result': '<a href="mailto:${email_raw}">${email_raw}</a>',
                                     'link2_result': '<a href="http://${link2_raw}">${link2_raw}</a>',
                                     'link3_result': '<a href="${link3_raw}">${link3_raw}</a>',
                                     'link4_result': '<a href="${link4_raw}">${link4_raw}</a>',
-                                    'link5_result': '<a href="${link5_raw}">${link5_raw}</a>'
+                                    'link5_result': '<a href="${link5_raw}">${link5_raw}</a>',
+                                    'link6_result': '<a href=""></a>'
         result_values = {}
         self.assertEqual( '<p>%(link5_result)s Link</p>' %result_values, auto_link('<p>%(link5_raw)s Link</p>' %raw_values))
         self.assertEqual( 'Go to %(link5_result)s.' %result_values, auto_link('Go to %(link5_raw)s.' %raw_values))
         self.assertEqual( '<p>Say hello to %(email_result)s, then go to %(link5_result)s.</p>' %result_values, auto_link('<p>Say hello to %(email_raw)s, then go to %(link5_raw)s.</p>' %raw_values))
+        self.assertEqual('%(link6_result)s' % result_values, auto_link('%(link6_raw)s' % raw_values))
 if __name__ == '__main__':
     suite = [unittest.makeSuite(TestTextHelper)]
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